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Seoul Fashion Week F/W 17


Over the years, South Korea has become an emerging fashion market. Out of all the fashion events, Seoul Fashion Week is by far my favorite one. I will always be amazed by their sense of style.

The bi-annual business event was held from March 27 to April 1st, 2017 at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). More than 50 labels were represented during this week. The line up included Jinteok, Songzio, J Koo, 87mm, Moon Lee Artwear Baroque, Nohke, Kimseoryong, Munsoo Kwon, Kimmy.J, Beyond Closet, Nohant, just to name a few. I invite you to check out their official websites. You will discover incredible collections.

In this series of photos, you will see a lot of vibrant colors and current trends such as off-the-shoulder jackets, trench coats, fishnet tights under ripped jeans and oversized sleeves.

Photo credits: Instagram molly_chiang - gaensang2 - - 2k1 - mineplique - mkn146 - whosthatx - chyk - jangmini - catchmebeatme - asiancrazefashion96 - heed_fashion - santosh.chhantyal - jpak - dosa - laureenmuy - seoulsistersblog - kelbinlei - mint_sepia - streetper - xcara27x - kaatare - hyuni_pic - tandy_korea - swibu - iamalexfinch - tanyarechkina - xoxo_w - papersteal - peachjohn_n - victoria.s - photographyfashionfreaks - nireamk - jieonis - yulyulk - fiie - korealove_girls - streetwalker_nyc - superme_lll - bmoonjs


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