How to wear a shirt under a dress


The shirt under a dress is one my favorite trends because it brings me back to the 90s. When I was in elementary school there was an Australian tv show called Heartbreak High. I remember being so inspired by it. Oversized sweaters, crop tops, tartan pants, mom jeans, shirts under dresses, chokers and Dr. Martens were the biggest trends at the time. That is when you realize fashion is a cycle. I really miss this era.

The photoshoot took place in a parisian parc three weeks ago, technically it was still Summer. I put together a very neutral and minimalist outfit. I am wearing a white crop top from H&M with a grey midi dress from Newlook. I am really into silver jewelry and lately, I am obsessed with triple-strand necklaces. This one is also from Newlook.

Lastly, I completed my look with a pair of white sneakers from Asos. I thought it would be nice to add some boyish accents to balance out the look.

See below more details of this look.

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