How to style a bicolor blazer


Today's post is a little bit different because for once, I have decided to create a more put-together look. I wanted to show how to style simple pieces for Fall.

I’m wearing a black and gray wrap blazer from Shein. I think it's the statement piece that elevate the look. I had it altered because it initially looked more like a blazer dress. Now the length is perfect. I wanted to add a little bit of structure by mixing neutral tones together.

I am also wearing a plain t-shirt from H&M and a pair of mom jeans from Bershka. I completed the look with suede ankle boots with see through heels from Public Desire. They are very comfortable, I can wear them all day without feeling any pain.

As for accessories, you may have noticed that I am not wearing any. I am very minimalist. I don't really wear jewelry because I don't think it's a necessity. And when I go out, I try to carry a bag as small as possible. That's why, I'm obsessed with fanny packs and clutches.

Photo credits: Thiphaine Aubeuf. Feel free to check her website here and Instagram account here.


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