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Milan Fashion Week: Agnona S/S 20 show


Even though Milan Fashion Week is over, I still wanted to share my passion for Italian fashion. To me, it's synonymous of elegance and feminity. While I was researching on the subject, I found out that in the 30's, Benito Mussolini wanted to control every aspect of the Italian society (fashion included). During this period of autarchy, a lot of imports were prohibited. For instance, garments were made with fabrics which were produced in the country. Consumers were forced to buy Italian-made products. That's when the term "made in Italy" was created.

Things started to change in the 50's, the economy was booming. The regions of northern Italy became a major industrial power. A lot of designers established their ateliers in Milan. Fashion houses started to get recognized for their craftsmanship.

I thought it would be interesting to start this post with a short recap of Italian fashion. Now let's talk about Agnona. It's a luxury womenswear brand founded by Francesco LLorini Mo in 1953. Simon Holloway joined the house in 2015 as creative director. On Saturday, September 21, 2019, the English designer presented his spring/summer 2020 ready-to-wear collection to the fashion industry.

To briefly describe the collection, I would say that it's modern, minimalist, chic and feminine. He used neutral and pastel color palettes and has incorporated touches of floral prints, gingham and plaid. Most of the looks are monochromatic and layered. I have also noticed that he used a lot of different fabrics such as leather, mohair, linen and satin.

In this collection, you will find ankle length trench coats, oversized cardigans, leather pants and blouses, tunics worn over matching trousers and wrap maxi dresses. My favorite pieces of the show are the suits. They are structured with soft lines and the boxy fit brings us back to the 90's with a more relaxed silhouette.

You can see the contemporary collection below and watch the full show at the end of this post.

Credits: kendam .com - - Youtube Agnona Official.



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