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Create a genderless look with thrifted pieces

Good afternoon,

Sometimes, putting-together an outfit can be quite difficult. There are days where I stand in front of my closet and can’t find anything to wear. When I'm stuck, I usually go thrift shopping. This time, I wanted to do things differently. I decided to challenge myself and see if I could create a look with what I already have at home. My wardrobe is made of colorful feminine pieces (20%) and neutral men’s clothing (80%). I have completely stopped shopping by gender. From now on, I buy what I like whether it’s for men or women. Emerging brands and well-known designers such as Songzio, Peter Do or even Simone Rocha are revisiting the definition of traditional womenswear and menswear by including a lot of unisex pieces in their collection. Here are some examples:

The runway looks gave me a clearer vision of what I wanted to do. I was ready to create an outfit that had both a feminine and masculine aesthetic. Let’s start this look with a mix and match suit. When I bought this blazer two years ago, I never thought I would be able to find a matching pantsuit a couple of months later. The gray is almost identical! The jacket is originally from Benetton (3 euros) and the bottom is from a French vintage brand called Eural Tergal (5 euros). Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t exist anymore.

Next, I decided to style the suit with a genderless staple that can be worn all year long: the button-down shirt. I opted for a baby blue shade because I wanted to inject a fresh and soft color that works well with neutrals. The oversized relaxed fit is perfect for layering. I bought it last year on Vinted for 2 euros. I have layered a form-fitted crop top underneath to balance out the masculine silhouette of this look. I thrifted it for 3 euros many years ago. If you want the men version of this look, you just have to replace the crop top by a white fitted t-shirt.

I chose to wear a pair of clear pointy heels for a more minimalist look. They’re comfortable to walk in and the soft cushion insoles give me extra stability. Lastly, I accessorized my outfit with a black crossbody bag (a gift), a set of silver rings from the flea market (3 euros) and blue nail polish to match the button-down shirt.

I’m glad I was able to create this look without buying anything new. Keep scrolling to see more details this neutral thrifted look.



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