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Create a layered look with second-hand clothing

Good afternoon,

Am I the only one counting the days (47 to be precise) until spring? I wish I wasn't so sensitive to the cold. It's a struggle but at least I can say that I master the art of layering. I think it's a cool way of mixing different pieces together and creating unique looks. Last week, I met up with a friend for a walk along the Seine river banks. Since it was the only sunny day of the week, I decided to go there early to shoot some content.

When I buy clothes, I naturally go for oversized clothing because I don't like to feel restricted in my movements. No matter what I'm wearing, I need to feel comfortable. On week-ends, I'm not going to spend hours in front of my closet. I'll usually look for something casual and effortless. Hoodies are perfect for my Sunday "uniform". They're soft, cozy and very practical. I found this California state flag hoodie in a men's store. It's a size large and it was on sale at 3 euros.

I'm wearing a white button-up shirt underneath. It's one of those wardrobe staples you can pair with anything. It's also a size large. I bought it on Vinted last month for 2 euros. I didn't feel like wearing a scarf that day so instead, I opted for a black turtleneck (3 euros). I added one more layer to my look with this black flowy dress. I found it in a small second-hand store in Paris. It's in perfect condition and I still can't believe I got it for 3 euros! I will restyle it next summer so you can see it properly.

I always have a hard time finding boots that fit me correctly because I don't have thick calves. It took me some time but I found the right pair of combat boots two years ago. The quality of the faux leather is really good. The boots are not thrifted. I got them for 35 euros. Lastly, I'm carrying a black square bag that can also be worn as a crossbody bag. It was a gift from my cousin.

Keep scrolling to see more details of this layered second-hand look.


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