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Create a layered look with thrifted pieces

Good afternoon,

Some people might think summer layering is an oxymoron but it’s indeed possible to add layers to your outfit during the hottest months of the year. The process is similar to winter layering, the only difference is that you need to use lighter fabrics such as linen, silk, nylon and organic cotton to keep you cool all day long.

When I put together an outfit, I usually start with wardrobe staples and build everything around it. That's exactly what I did for this look. I’m wearing a white oversized t-shirt that I styled as a crop top (3 euros). I simply folded up the shirt and tied a knot in the back. I decided to pair the white top with a black midi skirt. The high-waist elongates my legs and the back slit adds a sexy touch to my outfit. I thrifted the skirt for 3 euros as well.

Next, I wanted to combine the neutral shades with an eye-catching color for a more dynamic look. If it’s not your first time on the blog, you may have noticed my obsession for blue. This turquoise see-through shirt has become one of my favorite summer pieces. I honestly couldn’t find a better layering top. The fabric is breathable and lightweight. It’s a good way to add texture without getting too hot. I unbuttoned the shirt for a more relaxed look. I bought it last June for 1,50 euros.

I completed my outfit with a pair of black strappy sandals with a geometric heel (16 euros). They’re minimalist, elegant and extremely comfortable. I can pair them with any color in my wardrobe. Finally, I'm carrying a black shoulder bag that I thrifted last winter for 3 euros.

Scroll through to see more details of this thrifted layered look.


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