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Create a minimalist look with thrifted basics

Good afternoon,

I hope you're doing well. In France, the Covid-19 pandemic is still not under control. Apparently, we have reached a high plateau. It looks like the government isn't going to lift the 6pm curfew anytime soon. I hope the situation is getting "better" in your country. Stay safe and take care of your loved ones.

Three weeks ago, I went on another thrift shopping expedition. As a fashion lover, I buy a lot of clothes but I also sell a lot. Second-hand stores allow me to update my wardrobe frequently. Look at me trying to justify myself haha. Anyway, I went to l'île Saint Louis (4th arrondissement of Paris) for this photoshoot. I have never fully explored the area but I will definitely come back again.

I love creating functional looks with good basics. All the pieces used for this look were thrifted. I don't know about you but when I go shopping, I always check the men's section first. That's where I found this cream oversized blazer. The sleeves are a little bit too long but for 3 euros I honestly can't complain. Then, I found a round neck undershirt. The color is very similar to the blazer. It was brand new with tag still attached. If I'm not mistaken, I got it for 1 euro. I wanted to add a touch of femininity with this black maxi skirt. I already know I'm going to wear it on repeat. It goes with everything! Plus, it was only 5 euros.

I'm carrying a faux leather bag from Shein. It's very practical and you can wear it as a crossbody bag as well. For once, I'm wearing jewelry. My grandfather made this seashell bracelet for me. I finished off the look with my comfortable combat boots (34 euros - not thrifted). I have already styled them right here.

Keep scrolling to see how you can pull off a minimalist look with vintage pieces.


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