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Create a neutral look with thrifted pieces

Good afternoon,

How are you? As expected, the French Prime Minister announced the third local lockdown for 19 departments, Ile de France included. To be honest, we can't really call this a lockdown because this time, we're allowed to go out within a 10 km perimeter and a lot of businesses are opened. In the back of my mind, I knew there would be another lockdown so I shot a couple of looks in advance. I have created a full thrifted look with neutral colors. I'm more used to bright colors because it contrasts well with my skin tone so I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate soft tones in my daily outfits.

I have been looking for an oversized trench coat for the longest time. I found this one for 15 euros in my favorite vintage store. Unfortunately, the shop went out of business last month partially because of the pandemic. Underneath this spring staple, I have layered a white t-shirt (3 euros) and a white button-down shirt (3 euros as well).

Then I found this cream wide leg pants in a new vintage store. I don't know if it's just me but I have the feeling that loose fit pants and pantsuits are no longer reserved for the office. I took a more relaxed approach by styling it with a pair of white chunky sneakers from Amazon (24 euros). To finish off this look, I added silver rings from H&M and a clear bag from Aliexpress (4 euros). I have already styled it here and here.

Keep scrolling to see how you can easily create a neutral look with thrifted pieces.


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