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Create a neutral look with thrifted pieces

Good afternoon,

As much as I love colorful outfits, once in a while you will see me wearing neutral colors. That’s exactly what I did for this look. I’m really excited for today’s article because I have been contacted on social media by a vintage brand called STRAB. They asked me to style one of their pieces and I chose a beige maxi skirt. I love it because it’s high waisted and it has slits on both sides. It’s the perfect combination of flirty and sophisticated. This is how it was styled on their website.

At first, I wanted to style it with a blazer but it would have been a little bit “too easy”. The goal was not to hide the skirt behind an oversized jacket.

I thought it would be more interesting to balance the silhouette with a masculine piece. That’s the reason why, I opted for a white menswear shirt. I’m usually a size medium but I deliberately took a size XL. I didn’t use the buttons because I wanted to style it as a wrap top. I have created an off-the-shoulder effect by simply pushing the collar back. Then, I tucked the shirt in to define a little bit the waist. I bought the shirt last April for only 3 euros.

For once, I decided to accessorize my look. I’m wearing a chain link necklace from New Look (old collection) and five silver rings. Three are from H&M (7,99 euros) and two are from a Parisian flea market (2 euros). Since the look is pretty neutral, I added a pop of color with a turquoise pillow bag. I bought it two years ago on Amazon for 30 euros.

Lastly, I opted for a pair of white kitten heel sandals. I bought them a couple of months ago for 16 euros. I have been wearing them all summer. I honestly couldn’t find more comfortable shoes. I challenged myself for this look and I hope you will like the result. Thank you again Ornella and Isabelle for this beautiful skirt. Keep scrolling to see more details of this neutral thrifted look.

STRAB is a European clothing brand created by two friends Ornella Pighin and Isabelle Nour. They became friends while studying at a fashion design school in Paris. After graduation, they worked for various luxury houses. Though they were really passionate about their jobs, they also felt trapped. As you may know, fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. They had a different vision. They wanted to focus on recycled fashion and sustainable production. That’s how STRAB was born. Isabelle and Ornella create feminine collections with pre-loved clothes found in vintage stores and flea markets. You might find your next statement piece on their website: STRAB . I almost forgot to mention that they ship internationally.


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