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Create a Parisian summer look with thrifted pieces

Good afternoon,

In the past few weeks, I have read many articles about foreigners not wanting to dress like tourists while traveling to Paris. I was a little bit surprised but at the same time I have realized that 99% of the time, we can spot foreigners by the way they dress (which is not a bad thing). It happens to me all the time when I go abroad. That’s how I came up with today’s theme. This article is just an option for people who want to “blend in” (wear whatever makes you happy). I have used second-hand pieces for this look.

It’s quite hard to find skirts or dresses with lining in vintage stores. I was lucky with this one.

I love colorful looks but once in a while, I like to go back to the basics with a black monochrome look. I feel like you instantly look more put-together.

I’m wearing a square neck top with balloon sleeves. I found it on a fashion resale platform (Vinted). It’s originally from H&M. I was lucky, it’s brand new with tag still attached. The retail price was 9,99 euros and I got it for 4 euros.

Next, I opted for a pleated midi skirt. It’s lightweight, flowy and breezy. In other words, it’s perfect for hot summer days. Thanks to the elastic waistband, I can eat as much as I want without feeling restricted. I purchased this pleated skirt last November for 3 euros.

When you’re on holidays, you walk around a lot. To me, comfortable shoes are a must. I have been wearing this pair of dad sandals almost everyday. I bought them while grocery shopping at an outdoor market for 10 euros. The market I went to is similar to the one below.

Lastly, I’m carrying a pastel baguette bag from Pimkie (French brand). It’s not thrifted but I bought it on sale last May for 8 euros. The initial price was 15,99 euros. Now if you prefer to be hands free while visiting the city, you can always replace a handbag by a crossbody bag.

If you really want to enjoy your holidays in Paris remember to never put your phone in your back pocket and don’t wear flashy accessories because pickpockets will spot you from a mile away. I think you’re all set now, Montmartre, The Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Towel are waiting for you! Keep scrolling to see more details of this chic and comfortable thrifted look.


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