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Create a thrifted date night outfit

Good afternoon,

I always like to say that I’m a tomboy at heart however, once in a while I like to create feminine looks. Today, I wanted to see if I could create a date night look with pre-loved clothes. Last month, I went thrift shopping (again) and I bought a black blazer. I found it in the men's section. It was only 1,50 euros! No wonder my blazer collection keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I don't know if it's just me but I feel like women’s blazers are too tailored even if you size up. Men's blazers tend to be boxier and they usually have bigger shoulder pads. Let's not forget the fact that they always have small extra pockets inside. I find it very useful since I don't carry bags all the time.

I was so “distracted” by the price that I didn’t even realize that it was quite long. I had two options, I could either cut it into a cropped jacket or transform it into a blazer dress. I opted for the second option because I think it’s a good length for a dress. I have never been a fan of belts on blazers because I feel like it cuts the silhouette in half. Since I don't own a thin chain belt I had to be resourceful. I decided to use a black shoelace to wrap the blazer. It’s exactly what I needed. It elongates the silhouette and cinch the waist perfectly. I'm wearing biker shorts underneath.

Next, I accessorized my outfit with a baby blue bag from Pimkie (French brand). The initial price was 15,99 euros but I got it on sale for 8 euros. As for the shoes, I opted for a pair of clear heels. They are super comfortable. I have been wearing them non-stop. Keep scrolling to see more details of this thrifted look.


In France, there’s a "rule" we like to follow. If we show legs, we don’t really show cleavage and vice versa. That’s what I did for this look. I have created a sexy outfit without revealing too much at the same time.

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