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Create a thrifted look for a night out with friends

Good afternoon,

After my laid-back look from last week, I wanted to go for a more sophisticated and feminine look. Since theaters, museums, non-necessary stores and restaurants are opening back on Wednesday 19, 2021, I wanted to see if I could create a thrifted look for a night out with friends.

For this photo shoot, I went to port de l'Arsenal in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. This boat basin connects the Canal Saint-Martin to the Seine. As you can see on the pictures, some people live on barges all year long. I personally don't see myself living on a boat however, I'd give it a try for a weekend. It must be a fun experience. Lately, the weather has been so unpredictable. It can be rainy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon and chilly at night. In Paris, we can't go out without a jacket just yet. That's why I'm starting this look with a black oversized blazer. It's not to thick not too thin, perfect for the in-between weather. I bought it last year for 5 euros.

I've been looking for an asymmetrical top for quite some time now. Since all the stores were closed, I decided to upcycle a black tank top. I simply put one strap over my head to create an unconventional cut. I bought this H&M top many years ago. It probably cost me 5 or 6 euros. Next, I brighten up my outfit with a white and blue zebra pants. I love this pattern because it's very summery. It's made with a stretchy fabric so it's super comfortable. I bought it on Vinted, a second-hand platform (available in Europe) for 13 euros.

I added some height with a pair of black kitten heels. I found them in a little store before the third lockdown. I got them for 16 euros (not thrifted). I put all my essentials in a black mini bag. I don't know where it's from because it's a Christmas gift. Lastly, I wanted to try a refreshing hairstyle so I opted for a wet hair look. The process was very simple, I only had to apply a little bit of water, hair oil and a strong hold mousse.

Keep scrolling to see more details of this elevated thrifted look.


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