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Create a thrifted look for the office

Good afternoon,

How are you? I hope you're doing well. Since June 9, 2021 working from home five days a week is no longer the rule. We're currently going back to the office twice a week (full time next September). Though working from home was convenient, I missed the office atmosphere. You know, brainstorming face-to-face with colleagues, chit-chatting at the coffee machine or catching-up with a co-worker from another department over lunch. It'll take a lot of time but eventually things will get back to "normal".

In a lot of companies, the formal dress code doesn't really apply anymore. I've read many articles about it and more and more Human Resources managers are authorizing casual clothing (at least for now). Those articles inspired me to create a smart casual look with second-hand pieces.

Layering season is over so I decided to wear my green blazer as a top. It's made of linen which is the perfect material for hot summer days. I bought it on a resale platform for 10 euros. Next, I added a pair of wide-leg jeans. I was happy to find it in black because it literally goes with everything. It has become one of my wardrobe essentials. I bought it two months ago for 12 euros.

I'm the biggest fan of kitten heel sandals because they're super comfortable and perfect for everyday shoes. I found them in a Parisian boutique a couple of months ago. I got them for 16 euros. For once, I'm wearing jewelry. I opted for a pair of seashell earrings. I bought them while grocery shopping at an open-air market for 4 euros. Lastly, I finished off my look with a faux crocodile bag from Nasty Gal. It was on sale for 12 euros.

Keep scrolling to see how you can create a business casual look for the office with thrifted pieces.


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