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Create a chic summer look with thrifted pieces

Good afternoon,

I hope you’re doing well. Last Sunday, I went to the Seine Riverbanks to soak up some sun and look at the bateaux-mouches (tourist river boats). It was so peaceful and relaxing that I decided to spend the afternoon there and write my next article.

If it’s not your first time on my blog, you probably have noticed that I love tomboy looks. I usually try to wear more feminine outfits during the spring/summer season. According to French meteorologists, this July has been the hottest month since 1947. We’re having back-to-back heatwaves. What are we supposed to wear when it’s 40°C (104°F)?

One of my best friends made a reservation at a fancy restaurant. I wanted to find a second-hand outfit that would be both heat appropriate and elegant. This black see-through dress from Vinted is probably the best option for the occasion. The subtle sheer detailing, slits on the side and exaggerated sleeves add a sexy and sophisticated touch to the dress. I can feel the breeze on my skin, it’s so refreshing! I used the adjustable straps in the back to slightly accentuate the waist. I’m wearing black underwear and a pair of high-waisted biker shorts for more coverage. This airy midi dress only cost me 6 euros.

Since there’s already a lot going on with the dress I kept things simple with a pair of clear heels. I bought them five or six years ago, they aren't thrifted. I’m carrying a black polished bag that can also be worn as a clutch and a crossbody bag. I bought it at the flea market for 3 euros. And finally, I added a splash of color to this monochrome look with a turquoise abalone shell stretch bracelet. It’s a souvenir from a friend who went to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Scroll through for more details of this affordable thrifted look.


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