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Fall 2020: brighten up your outfit with colored leather

Good afternoon,

When I think about fall/winter wardrobe staples, I often think about leather. There's something about this noble and timeless material that makes us feel sexy and put-together. We used to automatically associate leather with biker jackets. That's not really the case anymore, today we can find a wide variety of leather pieces ranging from trench coats, blazers, button down shirts to maxi dresses, bermuda shorts and wide leg pants.

And I think we all have noticed that we tend to wear a lot of black monochrome outfits during the cold Winter months. Is it because of the lack of sunlight or the fact that we naturally gravitate towards darker colors during this time of year? Honestly, I don't know but let's try something different this year. Beat the winter blues with a pop of colored leather. Consider on-trend colors such as chocolate brown, camel, beige, sunny yellow, olive green, burgundy, red, cyan blue and turquoise.

Keep scrolling to see how you can brighten up your outfit with a colored leather piece.

Credits: IG theimpression - alexcloset - vogue - louloudesaison - leoniehanne - aimeesong - lindatol - carodaur - chloejade_story - bellahadid - vanessahong - evachen - lauraeguizabal - styledumonde - michaelkors - prada - cedriccharlier - fendi - lacoste - jacquemus - ninaricci.


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