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How to create a 90’s inspired look with 25€

Good afternoon,

I have recently started to rewatch the Australian tv show Heartbreak High. The show followed the lives of students with multicultural backgrounds from 1994 to 1999. While watching the show, I have realized that 90's tv show characters such as Moesha, Kelly Taylor (Beverly Hills 90210), Ashley Banks (the Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Rachel Green (Friends) and Jodie Cooper (Heartbreak High), all had a similar style. Unbuttoned plaid shirts, cropped tops, belted baggy jeans, boxy blazers, mom jeans and fitted t-shirts under slip dresses were some of the most popular trends at the time. People were fashionable without really trying.

With that in mind, I decided to combine two 90’s trends together. I have created a contrasting look by mixing a masculine piece with a more feminine one. I have been looking for a bomber jacket for months. It took me some time but I have finally found one online. This man’s jacket is a size large. I always size up because I love layering. The multiple pockets are very practical and the jacket is reversible. I bought it on Vinted for 7 euros. I’m wearing a black crew neck sweater underneath. I found it in the men’s section. There is no tag but it looks like a size medium. I thrifted it last year for 3 euros.

Next, I decided to balance out the voluminous silhouette with a fitted denim skirt. Just like the bomber jacket, I couldn't find it in second-hand stores so I looked it up on resale platforms. This ankle length skirt has a high slit and an asymmetrical cut at the front. I specifically looked for a dark blue wash denim because I don't own any. The skirt cost me 6 euros. I elevated the casual look with a pair of black knee-high boots. I have been wearing them all winter. I thrifted them a couple of months ago for 2,85 euros and they are brand new! I completed the look with a black padded clutch that only cost me 1,50 euros. And lastly, I bought a set of silver rings at the flea market for 3 euros. In total, I have spent 23,35 euros for this look.

Keep scrolling to see more details of this second-hand outfit.



What's your favorite fashion era?

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