How to create a casual look


It's been a while since my last trend post. I'm not going to lie I was a little bit reluctant to shoot new looks because it's still cold in Paris. Thank God it's going to be spring in a few weeks. Days are starting to get longer which already put me in a good mood.

The photo shoot took place next to a church in the heart of Paris. I was lucky, the lighting was good and there was nobody around. It was easier and faster to take pictures.

This look is a casual balance between cool and comfortable. I'm wearing a plaid coat from a French brand called Pimkie. I have already styled it two years ago. You can check the article right here. I love this coat because it's heavy and thick. It keeps me really warm. I'm actually just wearing a t-shirt (from Primark) underneath. It's one of those basics everyone needs.

I decided to style it with my go-to mom jeans also from Pimkie. I have always been a fan of light wash jeans. I wanted to DIY it and create a raw edge so I simply cut off the bottom of the jeans. I added a pair of white chunky sneakers from Amazon. The air cushioning makes the shoes lightweight and very comfortable.

Now let's talk about my new bag. What can I say, I'm obsessed with this oversized clutch also called pillow bag. A couple months ago, I found an affordable version of the Bottega Veneta bag (2 100 €) at only 30 € on Amazon! The size is not too big not too small. Blue is one of my favorite colors and this turquoise is really vibrant. The seller gave me optional straps so if you don't feel like wearing it as a clutch, you can always wear it as a crossbody bag. Two months ago, I made an article about the pillow bag, feel free to check it right here. To finish off this look, I added on a few silver midi rings from H&M and a chain link necklace from New Look.

Scroll through to see how I achieved this effortless casual look.


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