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How to style a thrifted suit (part 1)

Good afternoon,

Not so long ago, I read a fashion article where the editor shared her favorite fashion pieces. Her selection included open-back dresses, crop tops and flare pants. What are the items you can't stop buying? I personally have a soft spot for balloon sleeve tops, wrap midi skirts and suits. I could wear a suit every day of the week. There's something about it that makes me feel powerful and confident. It's a statement wardrobe that can be worn and reworn. I always have fun styling it.

I found this cream suit on Vinted. It's a European clothing app for second-hand shopping similar to Depop and Poshmark. I wasn't looking for anything particular until I found this striped suit. The seller was decluttering her closet because she was about to move to a smaller place. She was in a rush that's probably why the price was so low. It was only 5 euros! I think I have never clicked so fast on the app haha. I'm wearing the blazer as a top for a more modern approach. It's a European size 40 and the pantsuit is a European size 38.

Since I was going for a casual look, I decided to style the suit with a pair of chunky sneakers. They are originally from Puma. The retail price was 110 euros but I found them on the app for 20 euros. They are in perfect condition. The girl who sold them to me only wore them twice.

Next, I'm carrying a clear bag with a cream drawstring bag inside. To complement this look, I added silver chain necklaces and silvers rings. I bought them a couple of months ago at a flea market in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. I got six rings for 2 euros and two necklaces for 5 euros.

Keep scrolling to see more details of this minimalist thrifted look.


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