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How to style a vintage plaid skirt

Good afternoon,

April is one of the most unpredictable months of the year. Dressing up during this transitional period can be quite tricky. It's super cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon and then again cold at night. I tried to find the right balance for this photoshoot. As usual, my outfit is thrifted. I have used both masculine and feminine pieces.

If you're looking for a good cotton sweater with a slouchy fit, I highly recommend the men's section. That's where I found this black round neck top. It has become one of my favorite wardrobe essentials. It’s a size medium. I bought it three years ago for 5 euros. I voluntarily opted for a neutral top to keep the focal point on this colorful plaid skirt. I was immediately attracted to the camaieu of blue and green. The wrap skirt has adjustable straps on the side. It’s perfect, I can adjust it right after my meal haha! I tucked the sweater in to balance the proportions and highlight the waist. I bought it on Vinted, a European resale platform for 8 euros.

Next, I’m carrying a black mini bag. It's an old Christmas gift. I like to be hands-free when I go out so I mostly wear it as a crossbody bag. I can fit all my daily essentials in it. It’s simple, I only carry what I need: phone, credit card, keys, mini hand cream and antibacterial gel. That’s it.

I’m wearing black socks from H&M. I got three pairs for 8 euros. My platform derby shoes are from Amazon. They’re very comfortable. I wear them almost everyday. It doesn't look like it but they're super lightweight. I bought them last year for 22 euros.

Keep scrolling to see more details of this pre-owned look.


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