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How to style a vintage robe

Good afternoon,

Spring is one of my favorite seasons because days are getting longer and the weather is not too hot, not too cold especially around April and May. I wanted to create a colorful look that really represents spring. I have found this turquoise nightgown on Vinted, a second-hand platform where you can buy and sale clothes. The application is available in a lot of European countries. I'm French and the girl who sold me the jacket is Italian. She found this beautiful quilted robe while moving out. She didn't know what to do with it so she decided to put it up for sale. It belonged to her grandmother which means that it's a true vintage item. I bought it for 5 euros.

JC Penney - 1968 Christmas catalog

I have done some research and apparently robes were very popular in the 60's, 70's and early 80's. Back in the day, women were dressed to the nines 24/7. The jacket was often paired with mules or kitten heels. It's funny because when I look at my pajamas it's a completely different vibe! You should see me in my t-shirt, oversized hoodie, sweatpants and comfy socks. It's not very glamorous, I know haha!

Montgomery Ward - 1975 Christmas catalog

I opted for a contrasting and complementary color for the top. I'm wearing a lilac sweater from Missy Empire. I bought it 4 years ago when I was still consuming fast fashion. I can't exactly remember the price but it probably cost me 18 euros. I paired it with a baby blue mom jeans from Vinted (8 euros). It's originally from a French brand called Pimkie. When it comes to shoes, I'm all about practicality. I only wear mid and low heels. I bought this pair of clear heels in 2018. They are super comfortable and go with everything. To finish off this look, I'm carrying a black and white zebra baguette bag from Vinted. I bought it last February for 5 euros. Keep scrolling to see more details of this vintage robe.


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