How to style organza sweaters

Good afternoon,

The two-month lockdown officially ended two weeks ago in France. 55 days seemed like an eternity. At first, it felt a little bit weird to go out but I think we're all adjusting pretty well. Of course, we still have rules to respect. For instance, we've to wear masks in the subway, buses and shops. We also need to stay one meter away from others. Gatherings of ten people or less are now permitted. Restaurants and cafés could possibly reopen during the first week of June. I know some people around the world are still in self-isolation so please stay safe.

Spring has always been my favorite season because temperatures are starting to rise and days are getting longer. Right now, the sun sets around 10:00 p.m. There're so many things we can do during the day. It's really nice. When I go to Africa or Southeast Asia the sun usually sets around 7 p.m. all year long. I've never got used to it haha.

For my first post-quarantine look, I went to the 8th arrondissement of Paris. It's always nice to shoot on a sunny day. I'm wearing a black sweater from Bershka. I bought it online two weeks ago. I don't think I've ever seen an organza sweater before this one. I knew I'd buy it as soon as I saw it. I've never really been a fan of floral prints but I think this flower vase adds a retro and playful vibe to the top. The organza lining is what makes it top so eye-catching and unique. Plus, the good thing is that you can wear it all year round and style it multiple ways.

I've decided to pair the organza sweater with my favorite mom jeans from a French brand called Pimkie. When I buy jeans, I always make sure there's no elastane in it. I like rigid jeans because they don't stretch out after washing. For once, I'm not wearing sneakers. I opted for clear pointed toe heels. I can wear them an entire day without pain. I usually don't go higher than 10 cm heels because comfort is key. To finish off this look, I added a pvc bag from Aliexpress. I purposely didn't add any jewelry because the sweater is already a statement piece in itself.

Scroll through to see more details of this daytime look.

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