How to style vintage Bermuda shorts

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After a vintage look for the office here, I wanted to create a more relaxed outfit. I got inspired by 90's American TV shows. I'm currently watching reruns of Berverly Hills 90210, Saved by the bell and Moesha. If you grew up in the 90's, you probably remember the following trends: oversized jackets, crop tops, overalls, mom jeans and Bermuda shorts (also known as dad shorts). The perfect length usually falls above the knee but you can find a shorter version as well.

credits: buzzfeed - 90210outfitstumblr - bustle.

Here, I'm wearing a white button-down shirt from Primark (only 12 euros). It's a timeless piece that is versatile and goes with absolutely everything. Plus, it adds an elegant feel to this look.

Brands have already transitioned their summer collection into fall which means it's almost impossible to find shorts. I went to many different stores and didn't find what I needed so I had to be creative. I ended buying a vintage mom jeans (5 euros) and simply transformed it.

Lastly, I paired my outfit with black combat boots from a French brand called Gémo (35 euros). I added on silver midi rings from H&M and a black grocery bag from Forever 21.

Scroll down to see more details of this easy-going look.


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