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I have started a new segment with Hailey Baldwin, let's continue the series with another artist: Hwasa. She's the youngest member of the South Korean group MAMAMOO. This is actually the only kpop girl band I follow because they're very different from other groups. They don't follow the trends, they've been able to create their own genre of music and they're not afraid of talking about sensitive topics such as bullying.

MAMAMOO is a very unique group and Hwasa is my favorite member for various reasons. She's an amazing singer, her voice is powerful. She's known for her strong vocal technique. She's charismatic and has a real stage presence. I will add a clip of her solo debut below.

Plus, she's what we can call an unconventional beauty. She does not meet the Korean beauty standards because she's a woman with curves. She has hips and thighs which is not common in the Korean entertainment industry. She said in many interviews that she eats whatever she wants and does not feel like restraining herself.

I'm also a huge fan of Hwasa because she's a real fashionista. She's not afraid of experimenting different styles. South Korea is a modern and technologically advanced country however, it's still a conservative nation in some areas. Just to give you an example, cleavage and revealing tops are considered not acceptable (to a lot of people). On the other hand, it's ok to wear mini-shorts and mini-skirts.

Unfortunately, Hwasa is constantly critized for her fashion choices. As a woman and entertainer, she considers that she should be able to wear whatever she wants. She's naturally sexy and knows how to show off her curves. I like her mentality because she's not trying to offend anybody, she just doesn't care about what people think about her. And when she's not promoting, she actually has a very casual style. She wears a lot of oversized sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts with sweatpants.

I have compiled some of my favorite looks of Hwasa below. I have also added a music video of her solo project and another one of her group. Thank you for stopping by.

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music video of Hwasa's solo debut

Youtube credits: 1the K and MAMAMOO

Music video of the group

Youtube credits: 1the K and MAMAMOO

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