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Thrift flip : transform a kimono into a wrap dress

Good afternoon,

When you go thrift shopping, you never know what you’re going to find. That’s what makes it so exciting. If you're going there for the first time, keep an open mind and you will find amazing things. I have never really been a fan of printed looks but I had to make an exception for this floral kimono. I was immediately attracted to the different shades of blue. It had so much potential that I couldn't leave the store without it. Guess what, it was only 5 euros!

When you go on holidays, you can't take everything you. You have to make practical choices. I always try to pack clothes that I can easily restyle. I have worn it open to show you how it looks. I’m wearing a black bandeau top and biker shorts underneath for a more athleisure look. I can also style it with a cami top and a pair of jeans or simply use it as a beach cover up. Just with that, I already have three outfits. It's super easy. If I don’t wear heels the kimono falls right below the ankles, making it the perfect length for slides. Oh and did I mention that it has deep pockets too? I couldn't ask for more.

For this thrift flip, I was going for a more put-together and feminine look. It took me less than 5 minutes to transform this vintage kimono into a wrap dress:

  • step 1: tuck the sleeves into my bra straps to make it look like a muscle tee

  • step 2: tie the kimono like a wrap dress

  • step 3: cinch the waist with a belt to create a waistline

Since the kimono is printed and very colorful, I toned it down with neutral accessories. I have used a clear belt that only cost me 3 euros. Next, I put all my essentials in this cream drawstring bag. It's actually an inner clutch that goes with a clear basket bag.

As for jewelry, I opted for a handmade seashell bracelet. My grandfather made it for me 10 years ago. I finished off this look with a pair of white strappy sandals. They’re not thrifted. I bought them a couple of months ago in Paris for 16 euros.

Keep scrolling to see more details of this vintage transformation.


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