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Transform a vintage two-piece set into a cool summer outfit

Good afternoon,

Checking new items on Vinted has become part of my daily routine. I’m always on the hunt for cool vintage pieces. I own a lot of suits but to my surprise, I don’t have any two-piece sets. I wanted to see if I could find something on the second-hand platform. I never randomly scroll on the app. I always start my search by applying filters such as my favorite colors, the condition of the product and the price. I never select the size because vintage sizes are completely different from modern day sizes. All those settings enable me to get a more accurate result and most importantly it’s a time saver.

I found so many retro co-ords that I didn’t even know where to start. After five minutes on the app, I stumbled across this two-piece set. I was immediately drawn to the color. I don’t usually go for prints but I thought this one was interesting. It kind of looks like an abstract painting which makes it so unique. The seller used a retail mannequin to display the product. She took pictures in every angle possible. I must say, it doesn’t happen very often. She was really nice and gave me all the informations I needed. As you can imagine, I didn’t hesitate one second and bought the matching set for 16 euros.

The ensemble had a “grandma vibe” that needed to be updated. Unfortunately, I don’t have a sewing matching at home so I brought it to my seamstress. I usually go to her atelier twice a month. I asked her to shorten the sleeves, downsize the waist and transform the midi skirt into a mini skirt. She did a fantastic job. I paid 18 euros for all the alterations. Here's how it looked before and after.

I accessorized my outfit with silver rings. I bought them at Porte de Vanves flea market for 3 euros. For maximum comfort, I opted for a pair of white kitten heel sandals (16 euros). They’re lightweight, super comfortable and most importantly I can pair them with anything. Lastly, I’m carrying a white mini bag that can fit all my daily essentials. I thrifted it two months ago for 3 euros.

Keep scrolling to see more details of this upcycled two-piece set.


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