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Winter 2021: how to style half zip sweaters

Good afternoon,

Temperatures have dropped drastically in the past few days. Since I'm really sensitive to the cold, I'm not playing when it comes to layering. I have recently added a new piece to my winter wardrobe essentials: the half zip sweater. It's one of those go-to pieces you can wear season after season. It's not only warm and cozy it's also very practical. If you think about it, the high collar neck can act as a scarf. And if it's really cold, bring in more layers by adding a turtleneck underneath. In French, we call it “pull camionneur”, it literally means truck driver sweater. It was very popular in the 90's and to my surprise still is today. Last week, thousands of truck drivers were stranded at the British/French border because of Brexit and Covid-19 regulations. Fun fact, they were all wearing this sweaters.

When you're working from home you need two things: a good working space to avoid possible distractions and a comfortable outfit. Since the beginning of the pandemic sweatpants are everybody's best friend, try to combine it with the half zip sweater for a cozy look. If you're going grocery shopping or just for a walk around the neighborhood, you can wear it with a long puffer jacket and a pair of baggy jeans. And finish off your outfit with a pair of sneakers.

If you decide to go for a more elevated look, style the half zip sweater over a midi dress. A pair of knee-high boots will instantly add a touch of femininity to your outfit. You can also dress up the sweater with a ribbed midi skirt or a pantsuit. Don't forget to tuck the top in to create a silhouette and accentuate your waist. Complement your look with an ankle length coat and pointed toe heels.

This sweater is a comfortable alternative to our regular sweaters. Scroll down to see how you can easily style it.

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