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Winter 2022: the comeback of the balaclava

Good afternoon,

I hope you’re doing well. Happy New Year to you and your family! Wishing you a year full of blessings. Today’s post is about THE fashion accessory of the season: the balaclava. In French, we call it “cagoule”. I honestly had no idea it was called balaclava in a lot of countries. I was so intrigued by the name that I had to look it up. Balaklava is actually an administrative district of Sevastopol, Crimean Peninsula. During the battle of Balaclava (October 25, 1854), soldiers protected their faces from the cold with knitted wool caps that cover the head and the neck.

It was a very popular accessory in the 90’s in France. I had one when I was five years old. I’m not going to lie, I hated it back then. I remember hiding it in the house every morning hoping my parents would give me a beanie instead haha! As you can probably imagine, it only worked once. Now that a lot of brands have modernized it, I can totally see myself wearing it. I have a personal preference for balaclavas who look like loose knitted hoodies. I wouldn’t necessarily buy those who completely cover the face because it reminds me of special operations forces. However, this version looks really nice on men. It's a strong statement piece, I guess it just depends on what style you’re going for.

The balaclava is probably one of the most practical winter accessories ever invented. I would love to hear from you. Would you wear it? Scroll down to see some of my favorite looks.

Credits: comptoirdescotonniers - classicetry – petiteknit – lamodanista – uviskas – lauradalgaard – fannyekstrand – ushatava_live – natashagoldenberg – etsycottoncandylv – annnikakim – valslooks – katrinekaemsgaard – saracelestemir – etsyoutknit – etsywollezvous – americanvintage_officiel – zara – uniquefabric – caroline blomst – etsyrowsknitwear – yuliawave - jimmyfairly - abigaillliddiard.



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